Winchester Boudoir Kentucky

- It's Nice to Meet You -


Hello there!  I'm Megan.  Not Maygen, or Meegan, just plain Megan with no fancy extras.  I'm owner and photographer of Breakthrough Boudoir and Megan D Photography in good ole' Winchester, KY.  Thanks for visiting!  Sit back, grab a drink, and get ready for story time!

As an everyday person, I spend a lot of my time snuggled up on the couch with the best partner in crime that I could ask for watching either Disney movies or silly comedies or playing with my gentle giant Lulu, (my Great Dane). 


A few fun facts:

1)  I could probably eat tacos any time of the day and drink iced coffee with every meal and still want another as dessert. (Who doesn't like coffee or tacos, am I right?) 


2) Halloween is my Christmas. It's my happiest time of year and if I could, I would celebrate it all year!  Some folks call me crazy for that, but I just can't help it!


3) My family is one of the most important things in my life and I am not sure I'd be where I am today without them.  They have been and always will be my biggest support system of my dreams, and I am so grateful for that.

Now, on to story time!  While I was born in Tennessee, I grew up here in Winchester, KY.  Elementary school, middle school, and of course....the dreaded high school days.  You know what happens in high school?  You get a LOT of bullies.  I was always bullied for how I looked, particularly the way my nose was shaped.  "Bird beak".  "Big Bird".  "Big Nose".  Let's not forget the most common, "ugly." 


I know, I know, it's just high school, right?  But even as an adult, those things have always stuck with me and made me feel less of a person simply because of how I look.  I am kind.  I am loving.  I am funny.  I am creative.  These are all things that SHOULD have been valued in me as a person as opposed to what I looked like.  

Now don't get me wrong, I have since found value in who I am and I don't dwell on my looks to define me as a person.  Yes, those things still have me feeling self conscious.  Yes, I still think about it.  But does it stop me from being who I am?  Nope!  And it never will!


As someone who has often felt the struggles of self love and care, it is important to me that I am able to tell the story of you as you are, right now, at this time in your life.  No need to wait to lose that extra 10 pounds, no need to go out and buy new fancy makeup, and no need to feel like you gotta be able to walk the runway.  Just be yourself.  That's what is important.


I am here to offer you an experience worth remembering.  One that is not only empowering, but is truly unique knowing that YOU are taking this step towards being who you are without any reservations or regrets.  Forget all the negatives that society feels the need to point out. There's no one else in the world like you and you should be proud of that.